Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in February

February Offbeat Days To Celebrate
Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in February

February is a busy month. A as well as Chinese new Year and Valentine’s Day, here are some more unusual days to celebrate.

4th February Thank a Mailman Day

The Internet has made it easier for mail to flow, but it should not stop us from thanking our Mailmen because it’s a Thank a Mailman Day! The next time the mailman is at your doorstep, don’t forget to thank them.

9th February Read in the Bathtub Day

It’s perfectly fine to spend a little more time in the bathtub to read a chapter or two. Read in the Bathtub Day celebrates just that. Poetess Sylvia Plath happens to agree by saying “There are quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” This can apply in Thailand as well, enjoy the good read in the hot bath and ignore the fact that its tropical country. Lighting some scented candles wouldn’t hurt the experience!

10th February Umbrella Day

Dust your Umbrellas because Umbrella Day is always a good reason to put some shades on, even from the wind, hopefully not strong of a wind, then you will just embarrass yourself. May streets be filled with vibrant shades of umbrellas! God bless the umbrellas! Get sun-kissed or rain-drenched or windblown!

15th February Single Awareness Day

Ever sick of scrolling down your feed flooded by loveydovey posts, red hearts decorations, couples on dates, like the whole world is rubbing in your face and people assuming you are unhappy, just because you are single. Drop the bad mood single ladies because you can get back to them the very next day with your singlehood charms. Celebrate in such a way that people in relationship secretly wish If they had your lifestyle. Cupid wouldn’t like it very much though!

17th February Random Act of Kindness Day

Kindness has become rare over time because of pop culture’s influence which often views being kind as a weakness, so Random Act of Kindness Day is must to go with humanity. Simple random act of kindness can change the world, optimists say. Opening door to strangers, offering your seat on the bus, helping old lady cross the road can be it. And give even if you only have a smile to offer because smiling is contagious or a kind note!

18th February Pluto Day

Just as much as it is saddening for Pluto not being a planet anymore, it is equally joyous that there is a Pluto Day, celebrated on the day Pluto was first discovered. Febuary 18th is the day to relive the days when the solar system was a perfect circle of nine and we were so sure about it before NASA ruined it. Forget the rest; Earth misses you just the same!

22nd February Be Humble Day

Perhaps we could use a little humility on this Be Humble Day but the paradoxes are that acting humble itself can be prideful. To make the day go silently, be humble and step outside of the self-centred world we live in. Encourage others around us in the humblest way possible.

29th February Leap Day

The fact that it happens only every 4 years should get everyone excited, probably one of the reasons why 2016 is special. Irish legend has it that it’s a day when women can propose to men to balance gender roles just as Leap Day balances.