Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in October

Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in October
Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in October
Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in October
Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in October

It’s a bit unusual to have a designated month for one style of cuisine; October is known as Pizza Month. It might be a great excuse to have 30 days of back-to-back pizza with all the trimmings, but it’s probably not the best plan for watching your waistline! Enjoy responsibly, and spend the month sampling different types of pizza (in moderation)!

  1. OCTOBER 3rd: BOYFRIENDS DAY It’s hard being a good boyfriend. Striking the right balance between projecting a protective, macho and capable image, against being kind, caring and sensitive is a difficult challenge! Celebrate Boyfriends Day by treating the special man in your life, and thank him for trying hard to be a good boyfriend!
  2. OCTOBER 6th: AUGUST 5TH: MAD HATTERS DAY Mad Hatter Day celebrates the Mad Hatter, from Alice In Wonderland. The original picture of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (more commonly known as Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll) always depicts him wearing a hat, bearing the note “In This Style 10/6”. June,
  3. OCTOBER 7th: BATHTUB DAY In a world in which demands on your time are high it is reassuring to know there is one day in the year when you can reclaim the right to relax at your leisure. Bathtub Day is more than just an excuse to while away the time as you immerse yourself in the warm waters of your bathroom; it is a day to remember and rejoice in the introduction of the bathtub in England in 1828. How to celebrate this momentous occasion is an individual’s choice but options include turning your bathroom into a mini-spa, complete with scented candles and aromatherapy oils.
  4. OCTOBER 10th: CAKE DECORATING DAY Bakery and cake decoration are popular hobbies, and Cake Decorating Day is all about going wild. Cupcake culture suggests that we all need to be making edible cake structures, monuments and sculptures – but sometimes sprinkles and edible ball bearings are much more fun! Let your imagination run wild!
  5. OCTOBER 11th: COMING OUT DAY A day for ‘coming out’, and open discussion and awareness raising about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Participants are encouraged to wear gay pride symbols, such as pink and black triangles or rainbow clothing, jewellery and accessories.
  6. OCTOBER 13th: YORKSHIRE PUDDING DAY Yorkshire puddings are a savory food, made from a batter mix similar to that used for pancakes, which often accompanies roast beef. Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day by organising a large family meal, and dedicating the bottom shelf of the oven to a delicious tray of big, puffy Yorkshire puddings!
  7. October 14th: PET OBESITY AWARENESS DAY Animals suffer greatly as a result of obsesity, not only does it drastically impact their general health, it also reduces their overall quality of life, often interfering with daily activities and their enjoyment of things like walking and playing ball. To raise awareness about this issue and promote healthier diets for our pets, many animal lovers get together one day a year to celebrate Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Veterinarians often lead the events where owners are encouraged to bring their dogs and cats along to receive complimentary health examination and screening.
  8. OCTOBER 21st: APPLE DAY We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Apple Day, then, celebrates our favourite humble fruit. Take part by eating apples in as many ways as you can imagine, and sharing with your friends. Make an apple pie, bake an apple tart, or just eat a mountain of apples!
  9. OCTOBER 25th: MOTHER-IN-LAW DAY Mothers-in-law get a pretty bad deal. Do they deserve the reputation they have for hounding son-in-laws, and always being a witch? Mother-In-Law Day gives you and your mother-in-law a chance to get to know each other, and to get away from all of those horrible preconceptions. Why not give your mother-in-law (and mothers-in-law everywhere) a fair chance – take them out for a nice meal, buy them flowers, and get off on the right footing?
  10. OCTOBER HOWL AT THE MOON DAY Release your inner wolf and go wild – full moon or not! Why not get together with your friends and practice your best werewolf impressions? Go easy on the biting, though.