Trump extends Social Distancing period ’til end of April

President Trump announces extension of "Social Distancing" measures until the end of April hoping to prevent the Covid-19 cases from rising.

US leader had a discussion in the White House shortly after the announcement that the government wanted to open the borders and cancel the Social Distancing measures during the Easter holiday, which falls on April 12. According to the medical expert’s advise, the cancellation of such measures before Easter may cause more damage to life and the economy, rather than enforcing them.

President Trump said during the press conference that there is nothing worse than announcing victory before winning. And the federal government will take all measures to reduce the number of deaths to less than 100,000.

Previously, White House medical consultant, Dr. Anthony Fauci estimated that the US could possibly increase the number of deaths to 200,000 and millions of people being infected if no serious restraining measures will be implemented.

Recent data from John Hopkins University shows that the number of Covid-19 cases in the US has risen to 140,000, killed at least 2,400, resulting that the US became the most infected country in the world. Many public hospitals throughout the country are now experiencing shortage of medical supplies due to the increasing number of patients overflowing the hospitals.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns civilians to stay in their homes and refrain from unnecessary travel especially in areas with serious outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

By Nongluck Ajanapanya |
Source: CNBC News