UK citizens ban from taking holidays abroad, including to Thailand

British tourists enjoying holidays overseas (Photo:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed that it is now “illegal” for British citizens to travel abroad until further notice. He also said that eligible travellers would need to fill in special forms and provide correct answers to all queries by immigration officials. Those without valid reasons to travel will be denied.

Necessary travel is believed to be to work abroad by necessity, medical or educational reasons. A spokesman from the Association of British Travel Agents said that British nationals booking tickets would be informed about the new regulations. Nevertheless, the Thai embassy in London could not provide clearer details on the new rules.

As Thai authorities is striving to devise policies in reviving international tourism, efforts such as offering the Special Tourist Visa, the reality now is that many people will simply choose not to travel until there’s mass vaccination prior to their flights or the starting of herd immunity.

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Original writer: Barry Kenyon
Source: Pattaya Mail