Your Country’s National Day

Your Country’s National Day
Your Country’s National Day
Your Country’s National Day
Your Country’s National Day

If you are not Thai then you will probably want to acknowledge your home country’s National Day in one way or another. Try to find a restaurant featuring the cuisine and traditional activities familiar to you. In November here are four prominent National Days.>

November 9th Cambodia Independence Day

Cambodia was a French protectorate for 90 years before it gained independence from France on November 9th, 1953. The principal celebrations are held in the capital city of Phnom Penh, beginning with a morning ceremony at Independence Monument, usually with the King of Cambodia in attendance. Later in the day, there is a gala parade held in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, with colorful floats and marching bands.

November 18th Latvia Independence Day

Latvian Independence Day commemorates declaration of independence of the Republic of Latvia from German and Russian occupation on November 18, 1918 after the end of the First World War. The People’s Council of Latvia proclaimed independence in the building that today houses the National Theatre in Rīga. Many festive events take place through the country on Latvia’s National Day, including a nationally televised address to the people by the President of the Republic of Latvia. In recent years this speech is given before large crowds in the square by the Freedom Monument in Rīga.

November 22nd Lebanon Independence Day

Lebanon gained independence on 22 November 1943. The day is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of Lebanon from the French Mandate. Beirut; the capital of Lebanon, is the main hub of activity. Here celebrations are held with pomp and glory. You can also witness a grand parade featuring Lebanese and military dignitaries.

November 28th Albania Independence Day

Dita e Pavarësisë (“Independence Day” in English) was declared in 1912 by Ismail Qemali, founder of the modern Albanian state and its first head of state and government. After five hundred years of Ottoman domination, an independent Albania was proclaimed on November 28, 1912. The Albanian flag is ceremonially raised in Tirana, Albania’s capital, with the presence of the President, Prime Minister, Tirana’s mayor, and other officials. They also visit the national martyrs’ cemetery.