Your Country’s National Day

Your Country’s National Day
Your Country’s National Day

April like any every other month has some National Days to celebrate across the world.

Evacuation Day Syria
Evacuation Day, (also called Independence Day) is Syria’s national day commemorating the evacuation of the last French soldier and Syria’s proclamation of full independence and the end of the French mandate of Syria on April 17th, 1946. Not even a century later, how ironic that we are talking about Independence Day amidst desperation, ruins and devastation. This day is in our pick to shine a light on the refugee crisis and to recognise those who are desperately in need of help.

Independence Day Zimbabwe
18th of April is observed as Independence Day in Zimbabwe, on the very day in 1980 Zimbabwe achieved independence from the Colonial British rule, for ninety years Zimbabwe was administered by a South African Company. ‘Happy Birthday Zimbabwe!’ Independence

Day Sierra Leone
On 27th of April, 1961, Sierra Leone proclaimed its independence after British Colonial rule for more than 150 years. The streets of Freetown will see Independence parades, marches and concerts.