Phetchaburi highlights gastronomy to enhance tourism


Phetchaburi Province is ramping up efforts to enhance its culinary reputation, focusing on quality cuisine, fresh seafood, and local sweets to boost tourism. The province aims to leverage its status as a MICE City and Creative City of Gastronomy to present a comprehensive package for visitors.

These efforts also include further establishing Cha-am as an international tourist destination under its ‘Cha Am-Inter‘ policy.

In a recent meeting at the Phetchaburi Provincial Hall, Deputy Governor Wanpen Mangsri, along with government officials, private sector representatives, and local residents, discussed initiatives to promote tourism in the area. The focus is on making every district in Phetchaburi known to both Thai and international tourists.

“Tourism in Phetchaburi is currently popular among Thai visitors, particularly those who attend local events,” said Ms. Wanpen. “By highlighting our unique food, sweets, and fresh seafood, and ensuring their quality and standards, we aim to expand our tourism market. Our goal is to build on our Soft Power and promote Phetchaburi as a unique destination with MICE City attractions and its status as a Creative City of Gastronomy.”

The Phetchaburi Tourism Promotion Committee reaffirmed that Cha-Am continues to be a favored destination among tourists, including many from abroad.

The committee stressed the importance of maintaining international standards in tourism activities, especially in the digital age. There have been instances where businesses advertised their services online but closed unexpectedly, leading to disappointment among tourists. Consistency in the taste and quality of well-known dishes is also essential to ensure a positive visitor experience.

The committee encourages tourists to explore all districts, starting with Khao Yoi, which boasts many notable attractions. Efforts are underway to make Phetchaburi a prominent destination on the tourism map, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Jamaree Anurath, Phetchaburi Provincial Public Relations Office