Hua Hin readies for modern rail travel with opening of new elevated train station


The State Railway of Thailand has announced the opening of the new Hua Hin Railway Station on December 11, marking a significant leap in the city’s transportation infrastructure.

From December 11, all ticketing services will operate from the new elevated train station.

From December 15, all trains to Hua Hin will arrive and depart the new elevated train station. Thereafter, more services, such as the retail space, will be integrated into the new station.

This move is part introduction of the southern dual-track train line, promising to revolutionize train travel in the region.

A notable benefit of the new dual track line is the reduced travel time between Hua Hin and Bangkok, now estimated to be approximately three hours – a substantial improvement over current travel times.

After serving the community for 112 years, the historic Hua Hin Railway Station will pass the baton to its new counterpart, situated just 20 meters away. The old station, a testament to the city’s rich history, is expected to be preserved as a cultural landmark.

The new three-story train station reflects the unique character of Hua Hin, blending modernity with tradition.

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It stands out with its striking red and cream façade that pays homage to the design of its predecessor.

The new station is equipped with modern amenities including elevators, escalators, fire escapes, and specialized rooms for various needs such as breastfeeding and luggage storage.

The station’s design ensures easy accessibility with escalators connecting the platforms directly to the basement level. The railway track has also been elevated over a 7-kilometer stretch within the municipality, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Asked to comment on the opening of the new train station by Thai media, Mr. Tong, a Phetchaburi Province resident, expressed mixed feelings about the transition. While nostalgic about the old station, he said he appreciated the enhanced capacity and modernity of the new facility. His concerns, however, lie with the potential increase in travel fares due to the improved services.

Mr. Archawan Kongkanant, the director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan office, expressed his sadness about the closure of the old station, which has been a part of Hua Hin for over a century and where the sound of the bell, which is rung when a train departs, will no longer be heard.

However, he also acknowledged the positive aspects of the new development for Hua Hin.

The new station is designed to cater to the growing number of tourists and locals, offering agile and efficient services.

Rail transport is a vital public transportation mode that significantly supports the growth of tourism in Hua Hin, Mr. Archawan explained.

However, it is essential to have an efficient transportation management system to connect passengers or tourists from the new station to various destinations within Hua Hin to meet the needs of both local travel and tourism by train.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province will continue to communicate and promote the new railway station to tourists, Mr. Archawan added.

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