Officials to target uninsured drivers in Prachuap Khiri Khan

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Officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan province have announced a crackdown on uninsured drivers following a number of accidents during the Songkran festival.

On Tuesday (April 18), officials said they recorded 47 accidents, 49 injuries and 3 deaths during the seven day road safety campaign of Songkran, between April 11-17.

According to Mr. Detcha Rueng-on, the head of the Provincial Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, two of the three people who died in accidents during the festival were uninsured. This means that they were not covered by the mandatory insurance required by the 1992 Motor Vehicle Act, which is intended to protect accident victims.

To address this issue, the Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan province has ordered every district to enforce the law and encourage village heads to survey their own communities for uninsured vehicles.

Officials at a meeting of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation office.

The Provincial Transport Office will also collaborate with private vehicle inspection centers to facilitate vehicle inspections, insurance registration, and annual vehicle tax payment in a province-wide campaign held monthly, rotating through each district.

Additionally, related agencies will inspect motorcycles at various educational institutions that are not covered by insurance for the convenience of obtaining insurance coverage.

As for the 49 people who were injured on the province’s roads during Songkran and who are currently in hospital, an investigation will be conducted to identify those who did not have insurance and had difficulties with medical expenses.

In the case that an uninsured driver is unable to pay their medical bill, the hospital is authorized to request compensation from the disaster relief fund in order to cover the initial cost of treatment. However, the person responsible for causing the accident is then required to pay the amount back later.

In the case of the two deceased individuals who did not have insurance, their families or relatives were required to submit a claim to the disaster relief fund in order to cover funeral costs of 35,000 THB. However, because the deceased drivers were uninsured, their family may be required to repay the amount claimed at a later date.