WBC Asia honors Thailand’s first boxing world champion, Hua Hin native, Pone Kingpetch


The World Boxing Council’s Asian branch (WBC Asia) formally recognises the legacy of Thailand’s first world boxing champion, Pone Kingpetch.

In a recent meeting at the Asian Boxing Council office an honorary certificate was received from the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF).

Pone Kingpetch was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in June.

The certificate was initially accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ consulate-general in New York on behalf of the IBHOF. WBC Asia now plans to formally present the certificate to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) in a September ceremony honoring significant boxing figures, especially Kingpetch.

Born Mana Seedokbuab on February 12, 1935, Pone Kingpetch hailed from Hua Hin. From a young age, Kingpetch showed a keen interest in sports, especially boxing. He trained under Mr. Hatong Thotsa Inthratat at the “Kingpetch” boxing camp on Phetchaburi Road. As his skills flourished, Kingpetch became known for defeating seasoned champions like Nok Koo Noi Withee Chai.

His talents didn’t go unnoticed on the international stage. On April 16, 1960, in a match observed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Kingpetch faced off against Argentine flyweight world champion Pascual Perez, also known as “The Giant.”

Kingpetch’s victory in this match secured his position as Thailand’s first flyweight world champion. Throughout his career, he held world championship titles across three distinct boxing organizations, including the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Sadly, Kingpetch passed away at 47 due to lung complications on May 31, 1982. To recognise his contributions, Hua Hin Municipality, together with various stakeholders, erected a 2.20-meter statue of Kingpetch.

Crafted by national artist Mr. Nonthiwat Chanthanapalin in 2006, the monument depicts Kingpetch in a poised stance, holding a world championship belt. Originally located on Hua Hin beach, the monument has since been moved to the Pone Kingpetch park which is located next to the municipal offices in central Hua Hin.

Mr. Siripan Komonprom, president of the Hua Hin Sports Development Association, mentioned that Kingpetch’s recent induction into the IBHOF in New York is a source of pride for both Hua Hin and Thailand at large.

Pone Kingpetch’s boxing legacy remains alive, and his induction into the Hall of Fame further cements his position among the greats of boxing, Mr. Siripan said.